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my friend sister is totally hot

 My Friend's Hot Sister

I'm not going to lie, my friends younger sister was as gorgeous as the sea after a storm with the sun light breaking over the rolling waves. When I first met her she was nothing more than a little girl with braces who played with My Little Pony toys. I would go over to my friends house in house high school and do what guys do without paying his little sister any mind at all. Hell, I wasn't even nice to her. However, I came back home from college 3 years after having left and went to my friends house to hang out over winter break. To my surprise I walked into a room containing the art of an angels hands after having painted her on the canvas of life. She was absolutely beautiful removing all thoughts of impurity but wanting to place her on an alter to worship. That's how hot this chick was and is still. To my surprise it turned out to be my friends younger sister. What happened after that was a series of intimate flirtations, surprise visits, obtained phone numbers, the facebook messaging, the do you like me question and being put in the ultimate situation. If this hasn't happened to you yet in life take notice of what might happen to you when it does.

For most guys who find themselves in this situation, you go to your friends house an basically stumble on the fact he has a hot younger sister. Since you are older and a friend to her brother and maybe even good looking, she will take notice of you. Young girls always like the attention from an older guy, but not the kind of old that Chris Hansen goes after. After you realize you think she is hot you begin to flirt or talk to her whenever your friend is not around.

With these innocent exchanges opens the door for the next level of flirting that takes place when your friend is not around. The most obvious of flirting is the Myspace of Facebook messaging. Now you and your friends younger sister can keep a steady dialogue without having to be around her older and protective brother. You will be able to find out about the intimate details of her life you were not around for while you were in college. She will be so flattered by you giving her attention that she will also reveal her levels of experience concerning how far she has gone in the hormonal physical world. That's a clever way of saying you will be able to get off on her sexuality without even touching her.

You will become so intrigued with your friends sister that you will make the mistake of surprise visits. Of course we no longer live in the times of no cell phones so you would know damn well if you friend was home or not. Hell, you know exactly where your friend is and that is why you are dropping by because you know he would not be there. The bonus of surprise visits is that they really surprise the younger sister and make her feel important, special and more importantly curious. Since you are older she has no clue whats going though your head but you sure as hell do.

Eventually your friends sister will want to have proof of what is actually going on with you both. She will want to know if you actually like her or are you just being friends. In a lot of cases she will sometime just come out with the question and you have to be ready to answer in cavalier fashion. You respond of course by saying,"What do you mean?" She then will ask again in a different but more blunt way. You don't want to give away the thing she is most curious bout so you toy with her a bit. When she seems to be getting frustrated with you not giving her what she wants, then turn the question around on her and ask if she likes you. She either will say yes, or ask you to tell her first which is also means yes she likes you.

Eventually your hormones will get the best of you and you will be put in the ultimate situation. Now that you have got the pussy footing out of the way get ready for a little one on one. she will ask you to hang out some time to go harmlessly to the movies or out to dinner. You both realize that what you are doing is being kept a secret and that adds to the whole attraction and that you are breaking the rules. Eventually you get to the point where she throws herself at you and you have to make the conscious choice whether or not you are going to ring her liberty bell. You will have a flood of thoughts concerning her age, what her brother will do if he finds out, her brother, what her brother will do, how could he brother find out, will her brother find out, does her brother have a gun etc. So you make the conscious decision to have Sex with her.

Not all guys end up banging their friends younger sister but it does happen. In most cases just the fact that you are talking to his sister is enough for him to set you straight. Nonetheless, you still flirt with danger and maybe you do become friends with his sister. She maybe Jailbait she may not be at the time you meet her. However, no brother will ever say its okay to casual bang their sister and still be able to go out Friday night and have a beer with you. If you plan to take his sister for a ride its should be done in secrecy if not at all. However, its not uncommon for you to end up dating the sister down the road and he will have no choice but to accept that when she is over 18 to make that choice. Just remember, its more fun to bang her behind his back!


The First Encounter

The first encounter is when you finally come across or realize your friends sister is totally effing hot. Sometimes this involves you walking by her room and seeing her lying on her tummy in a t-shirt and undies harmlessly playing Xbox. You then realize that the first thing you are going to do when you get home is jerk her to your gerk like it owed you money. For the rest of the day you will be thinking about how hot she is and wanting to drop in to introduce yourself to her. Of course big brother is around and it would only be proper to do so when you were leaving. This way you can leave your scent and an impression on her so that the next time she will smile when she sees you. 


The Intentional Body Shot Tease

If you friends sister has some clue to how hot she is she may make it a point to flirt with her brothers friends just to piss him off and tease some cocksman while she is at it. Girls Love attention especially those girls you are the younger sister of brother with lots of guy friends. I have been in situations where younger sisters walk out of the shower half naked and just smiles and continues on to her room. This type of younger sister knows she is packing heat and that you want to try to put out her flames. When they are this brazen they are big time teases that will pull you along the nowhere express.


Escalation: She's Sending You Teaser Photos Via Text

You know you've hit the goldmine when your friends younger sister starts sending you self taken pictures via cell phone. This is when the nector has been put on the stinger and she is showing real interest. Whatever you do, do not send her pictures of your cock. A girl that age does not find them attractive and they will only be laughable to her. She then may show her friends and then your name gets thrown around while having to do with a sex crime. Just pace yourself and get her to do all the picture taking.


The Sexual Encounter

It is going to get to the point where you as well as your friends sister get to a tipping point. For the guy, he will get tired of all the teases and sexual innuendo and make a move. Typically the move is made when the guy says, "Sneak out tonight and I will pick you up". The girl typically agrees. However, she could just ask you to come over in the middle of the day when no one is around. Regardless, the encounter is going to happen. She will want you to make the first move becuase thats more a turn on to her than the sex will be. 

my friends hot younger sister

Things To Consider When Pursuing Your Friend's Younger Sister

There she is, young and magnificent looking. She gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing other drug known to man. You have the chance to waylay a possible jailbait or just old enough younger sister of you friend. Everything has added up to the moment of closing sexual escrow and you alone have the choice to sign the dotted line. I know many things will rush into your head that resides on your shoulders but the temptation is just too much. What do you do? 


1. Age of the sister

A girl can be seen as hot as long as she looks old enough to be 15. If she has noticeable curves and her braces do not make her look 12 she can be considered 17 and alright to fantasize about.

2. She is a Senior In High School

If your friends sister is a senior in high school she is fair game to claim. She will be turning 18 if she isn't already and most likely going to college. Either way you can pursue this avenue of sexual pursuit by using they she's almost an adult defense to her brother.

3. Will She Be A Stage 5 Clinger ?

It is dangerous for a young girl with little experience to become a clinger. She will go "E' Creep crazy that could hurt you on two fronts. The first would be whether or not she was underage. She could use the fact you broke the law against you forcing you to sweat her every demand of you. Second, she could tell her brother and poison your pussy well on Facebook or Myspace.

4. Is It Worth Your Friendship?

Probably, but that is a call every penis has to make for himself. If you don't smash and dash it then you will go through life fantasizing about how at one time you could have truly beat a hot young piece of ass. You may never forgive yourself. If you choose to pass it by because you did not want to cross her brother than you will still fantasize about how you could have pumped and dumped her booty dooty. It's a tough call. 88% of guys end up banging their friends younger sister.

5. Can She Keep A Secret?

Keeping it a secret it critical. As a guy we all know that the Guy Code is subject to being guidelines than absolute law. With that being said, a guy will want to bang a fully hot chick at all costs and he will convince the younger sister to keep it a secret. When she says yes, he sees it as a green light to pursue because in theory what his friend doesn't know can not hurt him or the friendship. If you are willing to conduct a secret affair with your friends sister then that as all the rationalization you will need to pursue. It has been done before so realize you still are gambling with the chance the girl will talk. However, in the past I have known a guy who dated his friends older sister then banged his younger one and the only one who knows to this day is the younger sister, him and me. 


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