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Written by The Elder   

jenna jameson got feelings hurt because she got coded


I was speaking to a friend of mine and I happened to ask him what kinds of girls were his type. He responded by saying, girls who don't get "PLAYED". I was immediately intrigued and asked what he meant by that. He elaborated by saying, "Girls who are not smart enough or have enough self respect who fall for a guy they don't really know and when the guys Hit it and Quit It (his words) they are depressed for like 5 months over someone they didn't even consistently see for a month (just weekends).

I asked him what brought this observation to light? He responded, "I'm a nice guy and the girl who should go out with me goes for the guy who uses the dark side of Guy Code and CODES the hell out of her. It is always a guy who wears sun glasses at night and loves his abs more than fat girls do hostees cup cakes.

Is there a difference in a girl being lied to and being PLAYED? Yes. Being played is like a shady business deal, you are using all the tools put on the table to close the deal. You are stating your intentions and the girl see's what she wants to see while you are letting her think what she wants to think. Lying would be trying to convince her what her instincts are telling her is wrong. In other words, lying is breaking the rules in order to get laid while playing a girl is just omitting you only wanting Sex while she thinks you want more. More specifically, to be PLAYED is to obtain sex by not getting specific about anything and just to be nice and forth coming with nothing suggestive about wanting a relationship. There is more of a "lead on" situation with straight up lying but it is actually the girl seeing more into it than the guy does who is just trying to bang her when she is being played.

Girls who get "PLAYED" are typically very attractive girls who have a personality almost as equally attractive. They are not stuck on themselves nor stuck up for that matter. Typically everyone likes them, they are pretty easy going and down to earth. Some are even to said to have some special, gift, skill or talent that makes people like them even more.

These girls however for as nice as they are do not like nice guys at all. Well, they like nice guys but just as friends or as " Super Guy Best Friend Mode". The classic Dick in a Glass Case scenario but they have no intention of ever breaking the case. More over, they will tell these nice guys everything and convey a deep trust with them but want nothing to do with them romantically. Sorry nice guys, it pays to be an asshole or if you are ridiculously good looking, a Coder.



hot boy

Metro Sexual Players

The type of guy who typically PLAYS a girl resembles a very beautiful GQ kind of guy. They have smooth skin, a great smile and a nice body. A lot of them wear sunglasses in all of their pictures and they are also the ones holding the camera in the pictures of themselves ( forearm syndrome). They are sort of metro but not full blown metro. These guys are easy to spot just if you can view their myspace profile. Wash board abs are the dead give away, especially if they are showing them in all their pictures. In conclusion, the PLAYER is a pretty damn good looking guy who seems well rounded in public settings but has no substance to their character.

(The CODER guy has a very adaptable look suitable for their environment)

metro sexual boy


1. Sun glasses

2. Self body poses

3. Abs ever present and emphasized

4. Lots of pictures available of himself.

5. Gorgeous guy with great body

6. Takes his own pictures

7. Assorted tattoos

poster girl crying


Why do nice girls gets PLAYED? The simple answer is that most Women who have been given too much freedom or opportunity to not know what to do with it all. The girls self esteem does not fully develop because of all the social promotions that have taken place around the so called "gender gap". Women therefore have a low sense of self worth because feminists want them to feel ugly because feminists are ugly and when a good looking guy pays attention to them they can't believe it and make rash decisions.

When a good looking man shows an interest he is really just trying to get laid and get home before the football game starts. The girl who does not feel attractive is taken back when a guy with confidence and good looks pays attention to them. They think, alright, its story book time, that this is the one, the guy I am going to marry. It's finally happening, a guy finds me attractive. This scenario is not realistic nor is it healthy.

The problem is she doesn't see water for what it really is. She is taken so easily and has not even spent any real time to get to know him. The fact that he cooks her dinner, takes her out, dances with her, plays an instrument for her and buys her gifts is just part of the seduce and destroy tactic of Coding. She doesn't even take into account all of this is happening so fast so it is too good to be true.

The PLAYER is revealing as little as possible because he sees it as just business. The normal old in and out if you will. He is trying to get down to the exact amount of time it will take in order to seal the deal and make the pigeon squeal. All he is thinking about is the 5 day limit it will take to have sex with this girl and how good the sex is for him to want to have it a few more time before he yells "Geronimo" out of the plane.

After the girl sleeps with the guy reality slowly sets in. The reality is he ceases to be as giving as he once was. He may have sex a few more times or when he calls the girl up for it but she is slow to realize. He will call up for sex when she is thinking he is calling up for Relationship Talkie and get all excited. She may even start calling him pet names which is the sign for the guy to leave (stage 5 clinger).

In most cases the guy never drops the L bomb but it has been known to happen. Typically if he is smooth he will not have to say "I Love YOU". However, if he really wants to seal the deal he will drop the L bomb as a last resort. This is normally done when a lot of drinking has taken place when it is really late at night. He can cop out later by saying "I was drunk and don't remember it". This works because both men and woman honor the " I WAS DRUNK LAW" and the guy will never have to man up for his actions that will go unpunished.

When the guy finally breaks it off to her then the melt down of the trail of tears begins. The guy was very careful not to mention seriously dating her and can use the fact that they have only been talking for a few weeks to back up his claim that she is psycho. The guy laid the traps by getting everyone around the girls social circle into thinking they were just talking or he was not part of the social circle and did not need to bother. The Player has a firm case set up for his defense and no real investment for the girls friends to have really noticed.

When the girl begins to cry to her friends it will be revealed to her by their reactions that she is a co-dependent perpetual lost puppy. Most of the time your friends will support you, but when you keep going on and on about this guy it will wear their patience out. They will start to see that this guy was never really into the girl and they will perhaps even start to identity with him. Even the girl's friends will see it was nothing more than someone getting a little piece of ass. Nonetheless, the girls friend will still hate the guy but get tired of hearing about him.

The girl's friends begin to loose patience because she will not shut up about this guy. She continues to search for personal flaws about herself that she thinks caused the guy to go away. The girl's friends quickly realize that the guy was never hers to begin with and she rushed in too quickly. However, she will keep on the same complaint about this guy and the girl's friends quit hanging out with her or become really short tempered.

After the girls friends put her on the back burner she will begin playing games with the guy who jumped her rump and bumped. She will start calling him or showing up at the same parties, bars and covertly make a scene. She will begin to stalk his myspace / facebook profile and see who he is talking to. She may even try to show up with another guy to try to make him jealous but this never works because the PLAYER just sees the new guy as Sloppy Seconds. In his mind he doesn't even care and why not spread the wealth of her carnal knowledge ya dig?

In the end, there will not be a quick "end" in site for the PLAYED girl. She will dwell on this one night stand that lasted for 3 weeks for months. Once she has exhausted her venting with willing listeners, she will start to see that talking about it to complete strangers at Starbucks is just not healthy and that's when the healing process begins. In conclusion, the formerly PLAYED girl will realize not to have sex so quickly and that a man who is physically perfect should not be trusted with her heart, affection, or confidence without letting TRUE PHYSICAL TIME build in order for a relationship to be meaningful and lasting.

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Kristen C  - Being PLAYED   |70.144.151.xxx |2008-09-23 01:46:09
everyone suffers from someone playing them but I am glad you distinguished the
difference. my room mate is a classic victim who picks guys she deep down knows
want nothing beyond a sexual relationship and she cries for weeks when they
break it off. she likes being the victim and nothing is ever her fault. i
bothers the hell out of me to the point i am seeking a new room mate.

i don't
agree of course with women being giving too much freedom but you can argue
anything these days.

btw, the song is very reflective of the mentality of who
the article is about. i giggled when i heard the chorus line.
bibhoss   |70.144.134.xxx |2008-11-18 01:30:39
i actually read all of it. i love stupid girls like this. thank god for dreamers
that all i have to say.

oh, great song for the article. hahaha
shoop da woop   |68.151.53.xxx |2009-01-13 19:47:42
fu**ing rights man. Women who aren't mindless victims of their own capricious
instincts are far more attractive.

Unless of course you're a Joe Douchebag that
sustains himself on women who are easily coded.

Looks can only account for so
much, and in my book, a woman who is susceptible to being coded detracts far
more from her attractiveness than her appearance could ever compensate for.
young mcDaddy   |196.25.255.xxx |2009-12-02 10:36:30
yes im a coder and im proud i suffer from the forearm syndrome and i constantly
use the "i was drunk law"
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