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Bang Them While They Are Vulnerable?

There is an old saying in the pussy crushing world that goes, “Bang them while they are vulnerable”. A lot of men live by this once they figure out how to do it. that some men live by. What does this mean you ask? It simply means that the best time to bang a girl is when she is emotionally vulnerable. Imagine yourself as a hyena and the easiest way to get a quick meal was to pick off one of the sicker wildebeests. The same goes for sleeping with a chick when she is emotionally unstable. This concept of Sex and destroy comes from the Dark Side of Guy Code. The following contains the appropriate steps as well as the different stages of emotional instability a woman can go through when she experiences severe emotional loss due to a break or even death of a loved one.

If you have wanted to bang a chick and she has been dating the same guy for a year or more and she is under the age of 26, just bide your time. Eventually all girls get broken up with and will experience a chaotic breakdown of wanting to ride the emotional manic melancholy roller coaster. You just have to be there when she is most vulnerable before Count Rugen takes her into The Pit of Despair. If you can replace her loss of emotionally dependency then she will see you temporarily as an escape which normally included gratuitous sex.

 The key to banging a chick while she is vulnerable was being her friend before she gets dumped. Always be the cunning Super Guy Best Friend Mode with the ulterior motive. That way she already trusts you and will spill her heart out to you when you make First Substantial Contact with her after the break up. You will want to be the first who does so in order for her to imprints the trust factor on you and you alone. This way she will always come or call you when she is faced with a moment of depression. So, always be a friendly face to any girl you would want to bang down the road because it is only a matter of time before she gets broken up with.

If you have been able to get your foot into the door of her despair then you must prepare yourself for the 6 Stages of Melt Down listed below. Each stage has an emotional significance of how the girl is feeling do to her level of dismay of her once comforting relationship. Technically you can bang her during any stage but some girls are strong and can hold out to the bitter end. In my opinion stage 6 is the most vulnerable a girl can be and the most optimum time to strike. Remember all you have to do is be there on a dark night with a little booze to make the magic rainmaker fill her gutters with hopelessness and sorrow. Her self worth will be so in question that she will sleep with you just to see if she still has it.Hey if you take offense to this then just hate human nature. If you're looking for a true friend then buy a dog.

 Stage 1. The Break Up

When a guy breaks up with a girl she first is often bereft of any thought. It's almost as though she had the wind knocked out of her and is lost in translation. She will be almost in-cognizant for 2 to 4 hours every day for a month or so. This stage is very short lived but if you catch a girl from the initial break up you could make serious head way to her comfort zone when she starts to question her value to other men. 


 Stage 2. The Delirious Phone Calls

 Once the girl comes to realize she was actually dumped she begins to call her ex boyfriend on his cell phone over and over again. These crying phones calls typically go unanswered thanks to caller id. The plus side of this stage would be to call her after a rejected phone attempt to her ex boyfriend. You have to be willing to let her bitch and cry for at least an hour before you suggest getting together to do something to take her mind off it. After a few more rejected phone calls she will be calling you instead of the ex boyfriend who could care less and is banging some other chick which is the same chick he left the girl you want to bang for.


 Stage 3. The Constant Self Blaming

At this stage the girl is searching for a reason as to why the relationship ended. She could have even walked in on her boyfriend banging another girl and still not come up with a reason as to why the relationship ended. She will blame herself and criticize her own character for the loss of her relationship. Most of the time the boyfriend was a loser asshole to begin with and he just wanted to date someone else or experience new vagina. However, this is when the girl is most mentally vulnerable. You must put ideas into her head at this point before she realizes on her own that her ex is nothing more than a jerk and that it was not her fault. This is the time to play off her low self-esteem as it matters to how she feels about herself physically.

1. Do not ever correct her when she says she is not attractive.

2. When she asks you if she is attractive do not answer.

3. You must wait for her desperation to throw herself at you.

4. If she is searching for a compliment from you do not give her one.

5. You must wait until she wants to be held before you tell her how beautiful she is.


 Stage 4. The Anger Explosion

Be prepared to hear the Wrath of Khan a pissed off ex girlfriend for a variety of reasons. She may have just realized that she was wasting her time with a pathetic loser or that she has figured out her ex is banging another girl. Regardless of the cause she will be venting like crazy to you. At this stage your chances of banging her are very low to all her efforts being focused on hating her ex. Your only option is the get her to bang you to get even with her ex. You have to be careful how you work that in there. The slightest mis-play of hand could cause her to attack you verbally.Often joking about going on "pretend" dates to get even are good. Then you may get to the point of saying you should sleep with me to get even with him followed up by an L-O-L.


 Stage 5. The Fuck It Drunk

You will be getting a lot of drunken phone calls due to her going out and partying. She will want the impression that she is over her ex and having fun being single. This is the prime time for drunken booty calls depending on how much you ignored her true desires of needing a friend to listen. As long as you were just a distraction you could receive a drunken booty call. This is the prime directive of the pussy comitatus law. If she calls you late at night you must act. Another avenue is to call her late at night when she is out to drop hints. This too could lead to you to scoring with her. When she is legitimately drunk you can say anything to her without having to worry about it back firing. If she turns you down she will not remember what transpired the next day. Go for it.


 Stage 6. The Filthy McSlutterson

Stage 6 is the golden goose of the serial puss of banging a girl while she is vulnerable. If you have not yet banged her by this stage its only a matter of time. She has probably banged a few guys to get even causing a cascade of filthy mcnasty sexual encounters. When a girl dates someone for a long time and they break up she normally goes on a sex spree. You must capitalize during this stage or risk being nothing but a Dick in a Glass Case friend. Always keep in mind to use protection because once a girl hits the Filthy McSlutterson stage you could be exposing yourself to anything. 


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