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I Would Bang ODB Jessica Kresa E-mail
Written by Trey Parker   


 Jessica Kresa is ODB (One Dirty Bitch)

As I mentioned before I am not fan of wrestling and think Women who wrestlers are strange. Let's get passed the fact that wrestling is fake for one moment and just focus on the hooters of Jessica Kresa. On a hormonal note, I saw this country girl wrestler nothing short of a redneck and I almost downloaded in my pants. Kresa's Breasticles were ginormous and her legs looked like they squeeze a dollar out of a nickel. Call me crazy, call me a pervert, I just want to bang the great smokey mountains out of Jessica Kresa.

We all have those strange fantasies that we keep to ourselves but I'm not keeping the sexual brutality  that Kresa would do to me just in my head. I have to share it with someone body. After seeing her on tv for the first time I began to Google her name and did the standard "e-creep" method of research. I came across her fan pages and Myspace and began peeping her scene for explicit images. She was the sexist white trash I have ever come across (c-o-m-e). ODB just looks like she would be nasty in the sack while doing unmentionable things to your actual sack. Hell, her stage name is ODB which stands for One Dirty Bitch.

The fact that most of you would see her as disgustingly obnoxious is part of the attraction for me. If you have never plugged a girl in her back door then you wouldn't be ready for a real woman like Jessica Kresa. She has a hunger that only a select few of men could provide while being able to keep all their fingers in the process. Rumors on the internet that having Sex with her is like trying to lift railroad ties on the summer solace. She is that dominating in the sack and I would want nothing more for her to sit on my face and call me bam bam.


 Girl From Minnsota

Kresa's athletic background is in ice hockey, which her father encouraged her to pursue. She is an obvious yankee but a rough neck at that. She was the captain of the first girls' team at her high school and played at St. Cloud State University for two years. Before that she was beating up grown men at the age of 12 for their juice money.

 ODB Wrestling Start

She began watching professional wrestling as a child with her pappy. She enjoyed watching wrestlers such as The Killer Bees, Moon dog Spot and Moon dog Rex. She originally desired to be on the show American Gladiators back when men were men and women were giving it to them. She hired a personal trainer in anticipation of her wrestling training and began the olive oil diet.


 Professional wrestling career

She got her start in professional wrestling when she tried out for the first season of WWE's reality show, WWE Tough Enough. This show apparently was trying to compete with the UFC reality series, The Ultmiate Fighter. She made the top 25, but missed the final cut for the show. Consdiering she as strong as a mule and had the tits of a wild boar the fact she didn't make it was ridiculous. Back home in Minnesota, Kresa began training and was soon wrestling in independent wrestling promotions all over the Midwest, facing men such as Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari. Her finishing move was the testicle cherry buster inspired to her by Nicole Kidmen.

 TNA Wrestling

Kresa received her first national exposure in early 2003 as O.D.B., wrestling Trinity in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. On the January 3, 2008 episode of Impact she won a 8 Knockout Gauntlet to determine the rankings of the women's division in TNA.She defeated Angelina Love and then challenged Awesome Kong to a title match at the pay-per-view Against All Odds. It was during this time, that she officially turned face, and became one of the most popular TNA Knockouts. On the January 24 Awesome Kong attacked Gail Kim after Gail was named 2007 TNA Knockout of the Year and just as Kong was about to drop Gail with the Awesome Bomb, O.D.B. hit the ring to make the save. So now she is a face of TNA wrestling whose star is rising.

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Jessica is sexy   |74.66.230.xxx |2009-11-07 10:50:31
I agree, she is sexy as hell and that's one of the reasons I love her... the
other being she's a wrestler and I'm a wrestling fan.
chinnabecool  - ursosexy   |117.204.48.xxx |2010-01-09 11:49:50
i will fuck u how many times u want u r
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosexyyyyyy ilove u darling
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