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Who Is the Snorgtees girl? E-mail
Written by Matt Stone   

So it has been revealed that the cute Myspace Google ad girl is none other than Snorg Tee shirt model Alice Fraasa. She was everywhere on Myspace before even Facebook started Google ads. At the time Fraasa started her t shirt modeling she was rumored to be 19 years old. While she was jumping on to the internet she attended Auburn University and majored in communications. I can see that. Fraasa seems fun to talk to and more importantly to look at beyond the reccomended dosage. Against all better judgment, she could be perhaps a Smoking Gun. I just may have jumped the "gun" but she seems so damn genuine that I would risk the assessment.

Alice’s signature mark is her big smiles and surprised looks in her Snorg Tee pictures. “People always ask me why I’m so happy in my photos and it’s because (company co-owner) Bryan is always dancing and making me laugh. I’m very easily entertained.” I do not think there was an ad where Fraasa just looked normal. She always seemed like Balls out Natalie in her pix.

“The worst thing about being recognized is when I’m in a bar and the bartender says, ‘Hey, aren’t you the Snorg girl?’ and I realize he knows I’m underage.” Not that someone as sweet and innocent looking as Fraasa would be drinking illegally. she just went to the bar for food, folks and fun! Modeling has made Alice semi-famous but not rich, because she gets paid in free T-shirts. However she has gotten other offers to model. “I’ve gotten messages from so and so agency saying they’d like me to model. But then when I Google the company name, nothing comes up. That’s kind of creepy.”

The question was asked, who is the real Alice Frassa? "The Alice you see in her online photos is basically what you get in real life. “I’m really nerdy and weird, and I don’t mind making fun of myself. The reason I probably appeal to some people is they think, ‘She looks goofy; I bet she’s fun.” That is exactly how I pictured her.

The brothers who launched the Snorg T-shirt company credit much of its success to Fraasa, who's paid in free T-shirts. I myself have purchased some of these crazy T's. Millions of people each month see ads featuring Alice, and about 500,000 are interested enough to click, taking them to Snorgtees.com, said Snorg Tees co-founder Matt Flynn.


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Josh  - Dr.   |75.182.121.xxx |2009-02-10 07:38:14
I would have sex wit dis white girl.
Fran   |Publisher |2009-02-10 08:26:11
I would hold her hand and buy her din din. She is def a keeper
newbilln  - nice tummy   |SAdministrator |2009-02-13 06:15:32
Not fit, but tone. She's cute... probably 15 years old.. therefore I will keep
my comments to myself..
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